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MCP73213 Dual Cell LiPo Charger Recommendations

What are some things you would like in the upcoming dual cell LiPo Charger? Right now, the charger will feature:
1 amp and 500 milliamp selectable charge rate
Charge Indicator
Charge control
USB input or Wago screw terminal/JST connector/ Header?

Anything else?

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Okay for Voltage input, I'll have CTC's Screw Terminals, Pats barrel plug, and solder pads. For VBat, It'll have Solder pads, screw terminals and a JST connector. Sound good?

I’m convinced that you probably will build a good little LiPo charger, but be sure to add one massive disclaimer as this has the potential to burn someone’s house down.
Even though I love LiPo’s they scare the shit out of me. I would never have, say a self docking robot charge over night using some homebuilt equipment.
When I charge my LiPo’s they sit right beside me in an flameproof bag, and I constantly check the temperature even though I charge them slowly.
Best of luck with your PCB.

I need one charger board as soon as possible! Let me know when I can get it! I have to find a way to include it in my project and send it to NY Maker Faire...

Alrighty, I can get working on it! Simple as possible or packed with features?

Simple. 500mA charging rate. No headers (no other connectors) soldered, I'll solder them myself. Solder just the SMD parts and send me the Paypal payment link.

Hey, I like the sound of that!