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Rocketbot robot controller and wireless fun

So recently I decided to purchase a bluetooth module in hopes of pairing it with my phone in case I ever wanted to show off a robot to someone. In my quest to find an android app for my phone, I came across three. The first is the cellbots app (more information found here: http://www.cellbots.com/), which include a .pde file that I tried to deciper for some simple functions but ended up giving up after a few hours. The second is the amarino plugin available from here: http://www.amarino-toolkit.net/. It looked very promising, but this was also the same time I saw CTC's post with instructions and ended up choosing his app over the others. And i'm glad I did.

I made a quick video that basically reiterates everything chris said in his video, except coming from a beginner. The instructions were easy enough to follow, and I had bluetooth communication within an hour. The app provides all of the features in cellbots, and more! It's easy to use and very straight forward, easily 5 stars.

The only thing was that the app didn't seem to like my phone and would only fill up 3/4th of the screen, leaving the bottom quarter black. Not really a huge issue, the rest of the screen is big enough. The only other thing is that whenever I tried to use voice commands the app would tell me that my command couldn't be found, although it's probably my fault.

Thanks again Chris for sharing the app!





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Nice video. You should tag your post as an LMR Review.

Awesome! --But once you go tilt joystick, you never go back!