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When leaving soldering iron burns on something is not enough, use these stickers to leave (or cover up) your mark. Stickers come with postcard backing so you can send as a friendly 'Hello'. When was the last time you sent a post card anyway?

The next time you place an order from SparkFun, be sure to throw a few of these into your cart!


At only 10 cents each, these stickers are a great deal.  I ordered 10 (for just a dollar) thinking I would get 10 stickers, but instead they sent me 10 sheets of stickers (that's 80 stickers total)!  Now I have way too many SparkFun stickers, but hey, they were cheap, and they're a lot of fun.  Now I can give all my nerd stuff some personality.

My favorite has to be the "Let your geek shine" sticker.

Action shot!


That's my art-tackle-box turned electronics storage.  I don't do art anyway ... I bought it for a required art class I took in college.  Side note: tackle boxes are great for storing small components. 

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That tackle box looks great for holding little stuff like resistors. I'm using boxes designed for holding beading supplies, and they work alright but I'd rather have drawers. I'll have to look for something like what you've got.


Yep, it's a very handy thing to have.  In the middle compartment, as you can kinda see in the picture, I have my respectable assortment of LED's (cheap ones, super bright nice ones, and scavenged ones).  Then in the skinnier compartments I have all my resistors ranging from 100 ohms - 1M ohms, and sorted (more or less) by order of magnitude.  Quite handy.

You can get tackle boxes from K-Mart (or any other -Mart) for under 10 dollars, and often they'll have a main compartment plus 3 fold-up organizers.  Mine only has 2 fold-up parts and cost about $18 since it was sold at an art shop where they like to rip people off ... but there's really no quality difference between the two.  And hey, an extra 10 cents more and you can deck it out with awesome stickers!  :D

I'd rather have one of those tall things that have like 100 small plastic drawers, but the tackle box works pretty well for now.

The multi drawer units can be found at Harbor Freight. the drawers are about the same size or slightly larger than tackle box seperators but they are all independant... down side is that they only have about 55-ish drawers resulting in needing about 25 if you are as sorted as I'm working at. the bonus is though that they can be mounted on a wall to save work space.