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RFID Keylock - RBBB Propeller

Continued......... Video explains the details ....including the painstaking job of finding the right house wires....ekkk

Removed the "Elfish PC" as its needed on another project.........

..... Replaced with a super cool RBBB Propeller board M44D40 found on the parallax forum, for 20 dollars.

I choose this board because of its size and simplicity (it has to fit inside my RFID box) .

... Minimalistic .......yes all you need is propchip, crystal and eeprom - say no more.

This board has 40 pin format that plugs into a standard breadboard if needed..... plus socket-ed crystal and eeprom for flexibility.

.... you can see how it hooked me ( i could not resist but to buy 3 of them )

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Hey Gareth , I saw a switch in the back of your ftdi basic board ,what the use of it ?

This is flokos a switch that removes some of Sparkfuns profit...........

..... A little know fact is that their 5Volt FTDI basic board can also be converted to a 3.3V FTDI basic board at the cost of cutting 1 track and placing an "Elfish" switch to select between 5V and 3.3V logic levels......neat hey.... Sparkfun tries to sell you two versions tsk-tsk

Which track I have to cut ?

I would have thought you guys would just call those, "Army Knives". Maybe, "Our Army Knives".

Truth is Chris - if you want to be pedantic technically they are "Victorinox Knives" .....

Standard CH army issue since 1961........

.... Secret :-  i have at least 8 Swiss Army Knives ...... keep finding the darn blighters in the forest undergrowth when Geocaching.

The one you see in the vid still has its RFID dog-tags haha...

How many of those PE Kit breadboards DO YOU HAVE! I count maybe four... looks like there are some in half.

they look a little bigger... and different. But the Power Rails... and the board(even though they look bigger) have those numbers on it.

for keeping us updated on this project. I am almost getting interested enough to consider something like it, myself. :)

Some smart person will ask....... why the hell go through all this trouble - when you can buy a ready built "boring" system..

... ( boring is the operative word here) - who else can reprogram their door latch key-less entry system , that could play animations and/or music with personalized welcome signatures (or even eNotes)