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Ebay bargain: sharp distance sensors

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Guys are these sold in lots of 5? Does buying 1 mean that I get a set of 5 ?

Sets of 5. Just bought the last one :)


I asked the seller if he will ship to Toronto Canada. He answered that he will certainly do so, add GBP 3.60 for shipping, which I did, so I will receive 5 sensors soon. It cost me a little over US $14 total. So I don't see why he can't send to Ireland or any other country for that matter. Just ask...


I asked but with only two left, the chances that he replies before they are gone are slim.

But then again it could still happen. 

hey if you don't see any listings, try looking for the same page with the UK extention.

i noticed he does ship to countries outside of the UK, but , i think due to not setting up the postage
bit, the listings may not show up in your country's version of the page.

so if you bookmark it, make sure to save this UK version of the page, and not .com or your local version.

I just got 2 sets from another listing of his. Now theres only 6 left so get them soon...


i think i got that last one :P

I could not let that slip by ------ Big TNX Russ for tip off...

.....BTW this ebayer was very helpful and has many more goodies on offer (well recommended) and he sent to Switzerland even though it said UK only ...... keep checking as i am sure more sharps will available on offer from him.

Super cool guy sent me 6 instead of 5 .......... YAY