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PCL manipulator


example of Zoltberg's manufacturing manipulator completely out of polycaprolactone

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that's realy cool like it a lot, some pic's of the fedback sensor ( the thing in your hand ) would be awesome

what an awesome way to make stuff .what is it some sort of low temprature poleycarbonate ? is there a trade name ?

polycaprolactone it was there all along

but, it sort of resembles polymorph. Gareth has done a lot with polymorph and showed it off around this site.

This is a very cool project and very well design and construction !

I like very much your control system and the polycaprolactone use.

Do you have an address to buy some, please, (I live in France) on the web perhaps ?

Thanks for sharing your work :)

The first video make me laugh a lot : a suicide robot in live (at the end LOL)

Keep the good work and have fun


With the ‘finger condoms’ on the gripper it looked like some sort of scary airport customs equipment….

Great stuff!
(And hoping that I never get called in to the back room)

LOL :) grrrr the back room ...

Same stuff as Polymorph, which is just a brand name.