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PICAXE Identification?

I have what I beleive is a PICAXE 28X1 chip, the #s on the chip are PIC16F886, 08103MD, is it a 28X1. I have done numerous things to get this thing working( http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8353 bought it from this site). Checked voltage all the way through the board, checked my COM drivers ( I have a serial cable, not usb), went through all of the PICAXE modes in the options of the Programming editor, made sure the COM1 was selected in the programming editor, 4.5 volts(3 AA). I cant get the board to respond at all, I get this message http://img526.imageshack.us/my.php?image=98844507yw3.png and I have tried all of those solutions. I need help, assume i know nothing about this. I am the epitome of a newb.


Please help. i have made an investment with no outcome yet.



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I get voltage to the chip, and the cable through to the chip rings out just fine with my meter. Maybe I got a bum chip.

Where did you get the chip?

The picaxe 28x1 is a pic chip with a program loaded to support picaxe basic (and the serial download cable). If you buy a pic chip with the same numbers on it as a picaxe 28x1 but without the picaxe software on it, it wont work.

They bought the 28x starter kit which comes with the correct picaxe chip.
make sure nothing is using the com port other than your app. It may not tell you so you need to find whats running on your comp to make sure. other thing to do would be to use a multimeter and verify that power is in fact getting to the picaxe by chcking the power pins...

Have you tried applying power right after the download bar appears?  Have you also tried the com port test?  Go to View/Options, then click on the Serial Port Tab.  Then, you should see the "Test" button.  Then, follow the instructions to make sure that the serial line from your computer is working.  Worst case scenario is, that you fried your chip.  Hopefully that didn't happen.  Hope that helps.