Let's Make Robots!

All my projects & progress are available at marginallyclever.com.

I wrote the software first for a rotary hexapod that used hobby servos.  I then rewrote the relevant sections for simpler linear action.

The u-joints are TRAXXAS half-shafts cut down with a Dremel. There are 12 flanged bearings that allow the actuators to turn smoothly for yaw.

  • pitch/roll: 50 degrees (could go higher but u-joints won't allow)
  • yaw: 45 degrees
  • heave: 100mm
  • Weight does not include PCBs.

This is part of a larger robot I am building. I challenge any of you to build an automatic tool changer for this machine.

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aggrav8d's picture

Although I listed this project as finished, I have since realized that I need to better control the actuator speed to prevent self-destructive behaviour.  I'm struggling to solve the forward kinematics.  If you can explain it to me, please send me a message.