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Mapping of Pins on the Dagu Spider Motor Controller

I made a mapping of the Dagu Spider Motor Controller pins. The cells in red are what you see on the board itself. Other info has been placed adjacent to those cells for easy reference of functions, alternate names etc.


Curiously I am wondering if there is actually a typo mistake on the board with one of the pins being labelled as "TXD1/D1" when it should be "TXD0/D1" instead. Is that an error?


Please give feedback on the accuracy of the mapping.


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Looks good.

I admit the black on red text on the PCB can be hard to read without good light. Yes our PCB engineer had a typo on TXD0.

You can get PWM on pins D44-D46 since Arduino 0022. I'm not sure about D0 and D1 as these are normally serial I/O.

A0-A9 can also be used for servos as D54-D63 although I think it is unlikely that anyone would want to.

Pretty cool. You might want to post a link to this page on OddBot's main post about the Spider controller.