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DAGU 4 Channel Motor Driver Issues


First post, recent robot builder (or in construction rather).

I'm having issues getting the motors on channel 1 and 2 to run in the other direction. I have them running in opposite directions but when I code the direction pin to LOW the motors just don't turn. But when they are coded to HIGH they turn. The motors on channels 3 and 4 work fine in either direction.  This is on the Rover 5 platform.

Here is the code that I have working.



I do this for all of the motors. This is Left Rear Motor, there is also Left Front Motor, Right Rear Motor, and Right Front Motor.

Any thoughts on what I should do?

Thanks in advance!

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Ok so I'm thinking that I had the direction and speed pins mixed up on the Motor 1 and 2 pins.  It works now that I took the wires and made them much less complicated.

Ah, how the KISS system continues to prove itself time and time again.


Here is a diagram of my connections. Today I am going to make some better connections to confirm that I'm not crossing pins or anything.  I also labelled which motor corresponds to which wheel of the robot. LFM = Left Fron Motor; LRM = Left Rear Motor; RFM = Right Front Motor; RRM = Right Rear Motor.

For reference, I'm running this on an Arduino Mega.which says that Digital Pins 2-13 are all PWM capable.


This is a good start. Tell us even more.

What you have to keep in mind that if you have everything correctly connected and programmed, it should work. So make no assumptions and show us everything you can. It will save a lot of time.

  • How is power connected for the motor supply and 5V supply?
  • Are your grounds for both power sources connected together?
  • You said that you where having problems with Chan 1 & 2; does that mean Chan 3 & 4 work or have you not tried them?
  • Please show all your connections (motors, power, digital outputs from your Arduino.


Can you provide a clear, in focus picture or diagram of your connections?