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robot brush low cost

Looking on the online robot shops I’ve seen that are sold the vibration motors. Then I said to myself: why not build a simple robot with a nice vibration motor? And so I tried to think of something original and super cheap. I went into the shop of my friends Chinese to make me some inspiration, and I found something very very nice: a vibrating massager. I disassembled the massager and made a little robot. This is the result: http://robottini.altervista.org/robot-shoe-brush

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Look out Roomba!

you know if you use two vibration motors, one spinning Clockwise and the other counter clockwise, you can control the direction the brush bot moves in. when both are on it moves more or less straight and you move left or right but adding more or less power to one of the motors all done with simple PWM.

in fact the kilobot uses this idea

You should add a servo that moves a weight from side to side and then hook a radio control to it, that would provide steering. Then you could sweep the floor while playing with an RC "car"!

Or give it brains and partake in Robot Slavery :(

All kidding aside, that is really neat.

This is an idea!

How much mass is in the blue sphere?  It looks top-heavy and prone to tipping, but it seemed to do just fine in your video.

about 100 gr. The motor is thought for this weight.

Love it. I have one of those massagers, which I bought as a toy for my kids. I always thought it would be fun to do some sort of hack on it. This is great.

Add some water and you have made a quite useful robot

i think the brush bot is so underrated