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Programming an esc with an arduino

I was wondering how to go about programming an esc, an electronic speed controller. The wire that comes out of the esc is identical to a servo, so I know how to wire it, just not how to program it. Should I program it like a servo. I also know that it needs to get pwm so I plugged the digital pin into 2.


Any help is well appreciated

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I've never done it, but I believe it should take normal servo commands, rather than PWM.

Treat the ESC like a regular servo, so use the Servo library, but write to it microseconds not angles.

A lot of ESC's need to be armed , usually by being given the 'lowest' signal first, or low-high-low - make sure to read the instructions !



As Robotx said. Use it as servo from servo library. I have test it with EDF.