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Guided Rocket

Accelerometer assisted fin actuation to provide straight flight

This model rocket was modified to fit 4 servos, each controlling the position or a fin. An accelerometer in the nose cone gave data to the Arduino in which it calculated servo positions that would keep the rocket flying straight. The burn time is short and the flight path is created so that the rocket would have arched over and crashed about 20 feet away from the pad. Since the system kicked in, the fins moved so that complete horizontal flight was achieved for a second before the motor went out. This proves the system worked. There is much more information and some pictures on the related link.

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Thanks for the comments guys!  I'm hoping to get a second version with some real guidance algorithms this fall

forget the guy's in black im more concerned about LMR and some of the hardware we come up with UAV's UGV's guided missile,flame throwers and that's just off the top of my head

nice work

I stumbled upon this project online before :) Glad to see you here on LMR.

I'd expect the men in black suits soon, asking just what you want to do with a guided missile.

Definitely cool though, and glad to see that it worked.

As they were intended to do......

Great idea.. first time I saw this done with an Arduino...  
I'm sure you and MarkusB will have lots to talk about ;)