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RFID + Smart Card Reader

Read RFID tags and Smart Cards with this handheld device

A Basic Stamp 2px powered handheld device that can read RFID tags and Smart Cards then displays the data on an LCD screen. Future upgrades will include the ability to store RFID tags in EEPROM and even decide to write a bunch of tags onto a Smart Card!

Had lots of fun creating this, but it's collecting dust so this one of a kind prototype is for sale on eBay.  The item number is listed in the last video description.

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I think I would like to build one myself.

Great Work !!!
just wanted to ask if u know something about the protected tags and how can man edit/rewrite it ?

I am blown away by this kind of thing. What you have put together is awesome!

Great work and thanks for the inspiration!

I'm glad you enjoy this project.  I'm looking into options that will allow RFID tag numbers to be saved to EEPROM and also optionally loading them onto a blank Smart Card.