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Intro to Transistors

Well, I've messed around with tons of electronics and written plenty of code, but my most recent project was to build a motor driver. Or at least, drive a motor somehow with a few transistors. I have a few TIP122 and 127 power transistors, capable of handling plenty of current. I've spent a couple hours trying to get these guys to do what I want but to no avail :\

Can anyone give me a quick how-to on hooking up one of these and triggering it? Like a breadboard example? Or even just point me to an easy-to-understand website on these :)

Thanks for your help!

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Those can get you started.  A google (or youtube search) for transistor and H-Bridge will definitely give you lots and lots of info.  Transistors are annoying to try and understand but amazingly important to electronics as we know it... annoying how that works isn't it? :)