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Looking for SMD Motor Driver Suggestions

Yup, I am on the surface mount band-wagon....

This is a call for any and all suggestions for a SMD motor driver chip. The obvious is the good ol' L293D but hey, I am always looking for something better.

By the way, I am looking for something with similar specs to a L293 or smaller. I will be running a couple of those tiny micro metal gear motors or possibly GM9's. Consider the GM9 to be the biggest motor I would use (in terms of amp-suckin')


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is there a smd version of the L293D ?


The MC33887 Is a 2.5A Motor Driver, check it out.

TB6612FNG is a dual motor driver, definitely what you want. 3.2A peak, 1.2A nominal drive.

Some time ago I was looking for a SMD motor driver and I found this one. I did not find it anywhere else, so you might think about availability if you want to mass produce something.

Hey thanks guys. I found much of the same --that little guy from Pololu did escape me though --thanks, Ro bot X. I think its about time I break down and simply open a robot account at get a usable debit card. --Kari and I are a little anti-debit card. In the past, there were a couple issues with one person having the card and the other person having the checkbook and register. I suppose, one person, one account, one card will probably work better. If nothing else, it should open my supply house possibilities a bit. I sorta can't believe that there is not a Chinese supplier of SMD L293D's... Alas...


Yeah, I would also suggest the LB1836M (Available at Mouser for <$2 in single quantity) which has a small footprint and works with low voltages.  Another great great alternative if you need more umph is the L298P (Available from Arrow for $2.72 in single quantities)