Let's Make Robots!

The manufacture of electronic schemes under the order

Hello !


We are beginners in this case, although their tasks are not time produced a variety of devices for robots. We produce a free circuit of robots for the site www.servodroid.ru, and now want to go to a higher level, and to receive finally for its fruit a little more money. Everyone knows that robotics is a hobby very expensive...


We want to offer you the production of electronics, electronic circuits under the order. I.e. for example: you need a driver engines for motor robot. And you give us introductory,"what the motor, how it should work. We sit down at the drawing board, and to make the scheme, collect and check it. If the circuit is working correctly then we will send the source, and in agreement and the ready-made unit.


The first customer probably can be and is free of charge. Only at a reasonable level =)