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Need Guru Help Regarding Micro-Controller + Wireless

Hello !
What is the most inexpensive, yet stable robust and relatively fast micro-controller + wireless setup?

I have been asking this question to myself for way too long... Now, I'm curious of your experiences in the different flavors available..

In my specific situation talking back and forth to a computer or laptop would be the primary objective.

For the computer this is great (because often there are no needed parts - most modern computers or laptops come with bluetooth) - so that makes it cheap on the computer side $0

#1 On the micro-controller I've always been partial to BBB arduino boards $16 ...   +  BlueTooth Silver Smirf $39 @ 115K (have'nt got one)

#2 There's this do-hicky http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8255  which has already come and gone (retired) .. where have I been?

#3  I've tried 2400 RF modules with BBB - I would say "not very stable" - "FritsMayHaveSavedHisHairButThisThingIsNotThatStableNorFast".... and there is always contention with Servos (Grrr)

#4 I made a IR transciever which worked off my computers serial port and its twin for the BBB - was very slow, not that stable.. bit banging solutions always seem problematic...

#5 MSP420 $5 + CC2560 ?  @ 2.6 Ghz 

#6 MSP430F5438 Experimenter Board - $149 (too spendy .. and not even on the market yet..)

Any Ideas O' Gurus?

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Thanks for all the information CTC and advice.  I have successfully avoided Xbees because of their price and voltage requirements. I am interested in swarming, but all the information will either be directed by the computer or routed from one robot through the computer to another robot..

Its encouraging you have had solid results with both, now to see if Rogues super cheap BT example is just as solid !