Let's Make Robots!

Homer, our robot, gets a little intelligence!

Finally got a little time this week - weekend to work on our robot project. This is a video of steering stabilization for our tracked robot. We're using compass angle as the source for set-point and input for moving correction. After lots of experimentation with localization possibilities, I felt the ability to maintain a stable heading with a track robot was an absolute necessity for localization based on dead reckoning. So here's our solution. This is our working draft code. We tried to make it as simple and fast as possible.

I'll try to pretty the code up a bit later. The code and video are on our site, Appiphania.com.





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This project is very cool and inspiring! Can you give a little more info about the compass module you used and the microcontroller? 

It's nice to hear! ;-)


Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?

I am very impressed with its correction capabilities and you don't seem to have had to really separate the compass module all that much, not that I ever did see it on the platform.

I'll take a couple of close up photos this weekend ;-)

There are two micro-controllers. The Rover has an Arduino Duemilanove buit in to the platform and i've added an Arduino Nano.

The Duemilanove takes care of the state machine for remote control (I use Chris the Carpenter's Rocket Bot on the android), the Compass - HMC 6352 http://www.sparkfun.com/products/7915  (mounted in the middle of the plexiglas platform between the Nano and the LCD), and motors drives.

The Nano takes care of processing all other sensors and communicates to the Duemilanove via interupts. If you look closely at the video, when the robot goes to the sides of the video, you'll see blue leds come on ... it's detecting the edge of the table and reversing direction. The interupts are processed via an optical isolator board (I built). 

I'll take a few pov photos post on my site.






Good work in path correction indeed! I like it~

We'll post another video in the next week with all states fully integrated with stabilization. ;-)

doing the same thing with my bot. did you have trouble dealing with the 0 point  and turning . i need to find a way to tell the robot to tern the shortest distance with a tern grater than 180 degrees , for instant if bot pointing 60 deg and i need it to tern to 350 deg the shortest distance is to tern to the left .mmm just writing that out helped i think .   in short i would like to see your code if that's ok