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Robot Goldfish

Wanders aroung trying not to bump into walls too much.
robotgoldfish_v1_05_public.pde3.36 KB

I wanted to make a simple bot to take to Maker Fair when I stumbled on the goldfish box at the supermarket.  The box and the battery holders are the only parts bought for this project the rest are from the junk box.

Inside showing the CPU board















This photo shows the prossessor board.  It is the first version of my G.E.A.R. board. (Generic Experimental Adriano Robot)

Lower level showing servos and wall sensors














This shows the sensors and servos.

The sensors are the Basic raidoshack emitter detector pair circuit that's bin listed in books from the dawn of time with the addition of a transistor to control the LED.


Still to do:

I want to make a line following sensor and write code to detect if its over a line when its wandering  and then follow the line.

Latest News:

I am afraid Robotgoldfish has had a stroke.  When I try load a new sketch i get the dreaded  

avrdude: verification error, first mismatch at byte 0x0000
        0x0c != 0x00
avrdude: verification error;

error.  He will have to live out his life as the wall bumper he is. But at least he will not be scraped for parts.

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Cute project!

Be sure to stop by the LetsMakeRobots table at MakerFaire NYC!

Oh, no!

Sorry to hear that. From the picture it seems like you soldered the processor in directly. With a DIP socket, you could have done a brain transplant easily enough.

     I considered a transplant and I can handle a 28 pin dip easy.   He fulfilled his mission at makerfair and he still works as well as he did then so i will keep him as he is.

     If i someday have a spare board that would fit i will give him a transplant but he is happy just freaking out the cats for now.