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Who are YOUR favorite Sci-Fi Robots?

It is no surprise that many scientists chose their profession because of the influence that Science Fiction had on them, with its dazzling displays of robotic technology and spectacular visions of the future. 

Who are your favorite Sci-Fi Robots that influenced you to build robots as a hobby or as a professional roboticist?
(Please include pics and links)


Here are some of my favorites:


1.  Giant Robot (Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot - 1967)



2.  Class M-3 Model B9 Robot  (Lost In Space - 1968)



3.  Power Droid  (Star Wars IV: A New Hope - 1977)



4.  Power-Loader piloted by Sigourney Weaver  (Aliens - 1986)



5.  AL-97S Improved "Hannibal" UN Robot (Patlabor 2 the Movie - 1993)


6.  Project 2501 (Ghost in the Shell - 1996)


...and the list goes on and on!!




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Everyone knows this one and his following series.

Yes he rocks!!    :-)


I can only recognize like 50% of them. Some of them were way back when I was 5 as I could remembered. (I'm 38 now).

oh, man...that pic is totally awesome!  Thanks for sharing that hardmouse, that is one to print off and put up on my wall at home.  Really cool!

Astro boy is missing he might of got cut off and bot's from lexx cool as pic. did you find wall-e

He's next to the old model Cylon...

I liked that picture so much that I went to the artist Richard Sargent's web site and saw they will be selling prints of this in the near future.  In the meantime, they are having a contest to see who can name the most robots in the picture.  Here is a chart of the picture with numbers to help!  i bet the LMR crew could figure it out!  :-)   That picture is way cool hardmouse, thanks so much for posting it!

GlaDOS (Portal)

Johnny 5 (short circuit)

and his clone: Wall-E

Mo (wall-e)

Starscream (Transformers original cartoon)

Marvin (Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy)

Rachel (Bladerunner)

Ash (alien)


I haven't seen Short Circuit in ages, I definitely have to watch that again!  Shame on me, I have never seen Wall-E (though I plan to watch it very soon, I heard it was a great movie!)

LOL   I remember how trippy it was when Ash's head was knocked off in Alien...a totally new android concept with internal fluids.  Very cool.

And, ah yes...who can forget Rachel from Bladerunner?!?    I recenty read that Ridley Scott will be directing either a sequel or prequel to Bladerunner that is scheduled to begin shooting very soon.  Can't wait!