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Who are YOUR favorite Sci-Fi Robots?

It is no surprise that many scientists chose their profession because of the influence that Science Fiction had on them, with its dazzling displays of robotic technology and spectacular visions of the future. 

Who are your favorite Sci-Fi Robots that influenced you to build robots as a hobby or as a professional roboticist?
(Please include pics and links)


Here are some of my favorites:


1.  Giant Robot (Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot - 1967)



2.  Class M-3 Model B9 Robot  (Lost In Space - 1968)



3.  Power Droid  (Star Wars IV: A New Hope - 1977)



4.  Power-Loader piloted by Sigourney Weaver  (Aliens - 1986)



5.  AL-97S Improved "Hannibal" UN Robot (Patlabor 2 the Movie - 1993)


6.  Project 2501 (Ghost in the Shell - 1996)


...and the list goes on and on!!




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If he is, this guy defently counts:

But Max and Vincent were some of my original "Golly, I want a antigrav robot" inspirations.

Still working on the homemade antigrav unit...

Oh yeah man!  Black Hole was awesome.  About a month or so ago I was browsing around the web and found that there was a toy company called MindStyle that made a scale replica of "Vincent" for the San Diego Comic Convention 2009.  It was a limited edition of 300 that I am sure sold out in minutes...I'll have to keep checking eBay!    :-)

Mindstyle "Vincent" scale replica



i remember having a toy of the smashed one i found on the streets.
i really liked it even though i didn't see the movie or even knew what it was from
until decades later.

these little guys have allot of personality.

Can wall-e counted in this one ?

If so I choose wall-e ,it may be a cartoon but he rocks.

Yes he can definitely be counted, for sure!

  I would have to vote for Marvin the paranoid android from the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. I refer to the book and not the radio show, tv show, two very bad movies, and a horrible computer game.

I loved the books, and I even liked the BBC TV series. I must also confess to playing the text-based video game.

The movie (I thought there was only one), was a pretty big disappointment.

I too played the game and like alot of the text based games from back in the day it agrevated me to no end.There was another movie that was based off the book back in the 80's. I can't remember the name of it but it was a major flop and is almost impossible to find. Kind of like Kiss meets the Phantom in the Park. It just got buried and nobody wants it bad enough to dig it out. I do have to say Gnome that thanks to allot of your projects I have come a long way in programming. I didn't realize you were from Jersey. I grew up about 1/2 hour from were your at.



Has everyone forgotten about this alcohol fueled robot?