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Remote controlled rover - version 2.0 available !

Drive the remote controlled and webcam equipped robot at my attic

I have built this remote controlled robot to make it possible to "enter" my homepage. You can cruise around the stuff used for experiments described at my pages (e.g. a wind tunnel, a 4-stroke engine and so on). Additionally you can find some other treasure stored at my attic.

Because of the low bandwidth, you have to be patient, because the transmition of a new image needs between 10 and 30 seconds. The control mode is similar to those of a mars rover - try it out!

After an update I have released Rover 2.0.

Now you can alter the camera height and the camera angle so that you also can observe the ground and the ceiling of my robot space.

Another upgrade concerns the camera which has full HD capabilities now (just for the shapshot functionality).

I have attached an infra red interface at the front of the Rover, by which some modules can be actuated.

Finally there are new things placed at my attic.


Drive it and Have fun !


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I drove it around a bit, took a look in the mirror, all from my android phone... It was really cool

..so it works with Android, too. Im impressed by my programming work :))

Thanks for your feedback

i took a quick test drive of the rover and im amazed at how simple your control system is. really like the enviroment that youve created for it aswell

Tom J

...and so I did not have enough knowledge to make it complex ;)

The hunter-and-gatherer inside of me makes it sometimes hard to throw things away. That's how those little museum was created...

I was in UR attick controlling UR robot

but the robot got stuck

A defective contact of the 5V supply at the rovers power pole caused the failure. I cleaned the contact area so you can start driving now.

Thanks for the hint.

Super awesome,

What an amazing idea. I love it. Wish I had an attic so I could do something like this :)

...and rule the world! I am working on it...

Cool project and nice done. I drove a little bit around and could see some of your universe by night. And yes i lied when i was asked if I read the manual ;-)

Hope I did not wake you up. Saying this...does it make much noice or is your universe sound proofed ;-)

I am also trying to connect a robot via internet but got stuck in the chinese only UI of my router to open an incoming port and can't repace that damn thing since IP TV is running over it too :-(

Gruß aus Shanghai \o/