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Remote controlled rover - version 2.0 available !

Drive the remote controlled and webcam equipped robot at my attic

I have built this remote controlled robot to make it possible to "enter" my homepage. You can cruise around the stuff used for experiments described at my pages (e.g. a wind tunnel, a 4-stroke engine and so on). Additionally you can find some other treasure stored at my attic.

Because of the low bandwidth, you have to be patient, because the transmition of a new image needs between 10 and 30 seconds. The control mode is similar to those of a mars rover - try it out!

After an update I have released Rover 2.0.

Now you can alter the camera height and the camera angle so that you also can observe the ground and the ceiling of my robot space.

Another upgrade concerns the camera which has full HD capabilities now (just for the shapshot functionality).

I have attached an infra red interface at the front of the Rover, by which some modules can be actuated.

Finally there are new things placed at my attic.


Drive it and Have fun !


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..even there is no sound protection. The power output is too low for doing burnouts or bumping at the steel bars with an audible sound.

So if you were able to control the rover without reading the instructions, you might handel your router trouble without learning Chinese...

Gruß zurück aus der Weltmetropole Niedertiefenbach :-)

Ok, that's good.

Hm, there is not a fair comparison between handling a robot and reading Chinese :-) the latter is a way out of my reach ;-)

(Niedertiefenbach...da fliege ich vielleicht immer drüber, wenn ich nach Deutschland komme und in Frankfurt lande ;-) )

really cool project.

As oddbot said...must be frustrating driving the marsrover.

ohh. nice attic btw :)