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Rating System

From the shoutbox...


Mr Clean: What's the point of the 5-star rating system? I really don't understand.
Mr Clean: We should be encouraging people, and it's really weird to see people's first attempts at a robot have 2/5 stars.
BaseOverApex: The point is to rate posts. If you can think of a way to encourage folk to use it, fire away!
Mr Clean: That's just ... not something you rate. I don't get it. :/
Mr Clean: It's just that I don't want to discourage newbies. Like with node/2661
Mr Clean: What's accomplished by giving that a low rating?
Mr Clean: Some people are more experienced builders than others, but we shouldn't point out that some robots are "better" than others.
Mr Clean: There's no reason to, and it's counter to what this site is about, I feel.
Mr Clean: Sorry ... I'll stop ranting. :P


Food for thought. Maybe rating tips, components and blogs is a good idea, but perhaps not robots?

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I agree with rik, the use of stars works when using it in a contest, but as far as on posting of bots, it's not clearly defined.Your first bot you ever created, 1STAR!!! epic fail rating sytem...