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Okay this is just a concept at this point, but If it generates enough interest i'll begin finishing the design. I want to take the Sanguino, Arduinos Middle child (40 pins) and put it on a fully integrated 40 pin DIP circuit. The board will feature onboard FTDI, the Atmega644p in VQFN form factor, and onboard voltage regulators. All of this, in a 40 pin DIP Form factor! So if you are interested, please post below so we can fine tune this potential project.

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Found this board, the Crumb644. Looks almost identically to your design, except using a CP2102 USB UART bridge, has a RS485 chip onboard but no onboard voltage regulator. That is just what I need for a non-robot project. I have ordered 3 boards today.

For your design you should at least add a 6pin ISP header.

I have a robot project that is eventually going to need more pins than a standard arduino can provide.  Currently I'm using a boarduino so I can breadboard it easily.  This looks like a good solution to having more IO without going to a big 'ol Mega.

I don't really care about the FTDI because I have a cable, but the voltage regulator is essential.



I'm not an USB expert or anything, but I think RobotGrrl got a point there, with atmega8u and LUFA it should be possible to do much more on the USB side than just uploading code and watching a terminal session.

I have a Duemilanove here, and its sure nice to have it so much plug-n-play, makes it realy easy to get it going and blink the first diode. But sometimes I wish it could act as a "real" USB device, say HID, disk or something.

If we had an Arduino clone which were both usable as a "normal" micro controller in standalone robots, but also were usable as a way to build an USB device for our computers, I think your product could have an edge.And I agree 100% with OddBot on the form factor issue, have it more breadboard compliant is cool.

Nice idea but you will probably need to have components both sides of the PCB like the Arduino Nano. Have the FT232 directly under the USB socket.


I love the Nano's because they plug into a breadboard making them perfect for robots and experimentation. If you can make your micro Sanguino then I think having the extra pins would be fantastic.

Yeah thats my current problem, would anybody buy one? I don't want to expend all this effort for nothing :/

This is the biggest problem, everyone will say that something is cool and you will expect orders in the hundreds, in reality you get a few orders a month. This has happened to me many times.

My advise is build for yourself because you want it. If you happen to get a ton of orders then that's a bonus.


Yeah, kind of what happened with the Robot Builder's Arduino...

Wow. Tiny package, big idea!

The Sanguino is awesome! Great for projects that need a bit more than a standard Arduino, but less than an Arduino MEGA.

How much size (width and length wise) will the MicroSanguino cut off of the original Sanguino?

Also, instead of FTDI, what about using the same way the Arduino UNO does it? (with the atmega8u and LUFA)

Okay, so the Sanguino is 3.96" x 1.335", this board is 2.08"x 0.6", so like a 77% reduction in size!