Let's Make Robots!

i dont know anything about robots

hi...can u please tell how to write a program for controlling the robot??

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True, but if even one other newby studies this and realizes there is a difference between a stupid question and a lazy / brain dead question then I am happy to answer the former.

This is probably a one post wonder.

We all began with no knowledge of robots. If you want us to help you then you must help yourself. You must read the manuals. You should buy a book such as Gordon McCombs "Robot Builders Bonanza". This will teach you the basics skills necessary to build a robot and answer your questions about programming.


Phase 1 = build robot.
Phase 2 = ?
Phase 3 = profit.

get it?

Based on the information you gave us: 1. Read information from sensors 2. Tell robot how to respond to this information

for the robots that are built here its mostly arduino and picaxe, both of which are a good place to start.

the arduino is made for hobby convenience and you program it simply by uploading code to the board
via USB, everything else is taken care of.
the language is called 'wiring' and is a subset of C.

i am not familar with picaxe, but i believe its similar, just hook it up and upload.
also picaxe has the option of programming in a flowchart system, without writing actual code.
the language is Basic.

again i am not familiar with picaxe, but here is a link with arduino tutorials, it should give you a good idea
of what all is involved in working with it:


Start Here
Also please read the rules

FIRST OF ALL LEARN C programming.


good luck



Please explain more... what microcontroller are you using? what actuators? Method for controlling the actuators? Programming envronment? We would love to help, but we need more information in order to help. There are many experts in many different fields, and more information will help us to better help you.