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Just saying hello to all


HI all ... im  new to this site and new to robotics .....  Not going to be making one anytime soon either as don’t have the funds parts or tools needed, so mostly going to be reading the forums and learning about what ye are doing and have done ... and so far have found it very interesting .... some really cool stuff on here. Also will be searching for sites on basic electrics to learn about circuit boards and stuff to get a better understanding.

Also going to be looking around the house and other places for parts I can use to make a robot later. Have a few motors , a couple from broken toys , a couple from a Dvd player , one biggish one from a tyre pump that u plug into a car charger to pump tyres with  ... so also have a piston  pump from this.

Also have part of a robot I started making from a magazine years ago (real robots it was called) got part way building it then problem getting the magazine and that ended that ....  the part I built though still runs ....  Pulled it out of the press other day after finding this site and checked it out  .... has two motors to run the wheels .... two light sensors to make it head towards light .... was meant to have a ultura sonic part for avoiding things but never got them as the issue never came out ....  all connected to some circuit boards .

So hopefully when I learn more ill be able to use these parts.

Suggestions for things to dismantle for parts would be nice ... eg took a electric radio apart to see whats inside but haven’t a clue what parts would be useful .... also dvd player but just took motors rest sitting there .... is there anything else I should be stripping off it .... might have a old printer have to look for it and also have a little photo scanner .

Hopefully in the not to distance future ill get enough bits together that I can make something with your help ...

Would like to make a robot eventually that dose something cool like shoots darts at a target .... seen the one on this site thats shoots water ... that was fantastic  .....

Also make something practical even if silly and not needed like a push button robot ....  eg sticks to my tv and when I turn the tv off with the remote it pushes the button and turns the tv power off ... as I always leave it in standby mode he he he ....  or something on my light switches that turns them on when I walk into room and turns them off when I walk out , one that drives around and will then climb stairs if it comes across them would be fun too .... or was thinking this morning one with magnetic feet or suckers so that when it finds the fridge will climb up it that would be a laugh.

But for now ill just follow the post in the forum and post a question now and then


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lets see, i think the DVD player should have an IR reciever in there, and if u still have the remote from it,
store the IR reciever (looks like an LED) and remote together.
u can decode it and use it for whatever once u get a microcontroller.

there might also be a thingy in there that is somewhat like a potentiometer, and indicates if the tray is open or closed.
its kinda like a potentiometer, except it has a spring that returns it to center.
could be handy for bumper switches.

i like to salvage parts, but generally i tend to leave capacitors alone.
those things dry out over time, and its best to just use new ones for longevity.
resistors are cheap enuff when they are new, so there no point getting at them.
same for diodes.

i do like to salvage ic's whenever i find a trough hole one, but its a pain to get them out.

anyways here are some links to get u started:

general electronics tutorials: http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/
arduino tutorials: http://tronixstuff.wordpress.com/
a collection of circuit diagrams and such: http://www.discovercircuits.com/index.htm

a book to read is "The Robot Builder's Bonanza"  and "Junkbots Bugbots,& Bots on Wheels" 2 awesome books no the subject. if you look at my blog the first of my robots came from The Bonanza.and don't be afraid to try stuff out burning a few parts is a great way to learn weeeeee later

i am compleatly self educated as far as robots and such, i can do it you can to

ill second that.
i just started learning a few months ago and am making steady progress.




oh yeah it might help to know that electronic components have 'datasheets' associated with them.
so if you google the part number + datasheet u will find a PDF with all the technical data of that part.

this may help u figure out what to salvage.

You could try something like a simple SpurtBot, which you can build for under $10 in parts. Many of the parts you may be able to scavenge for free.

It's not complex, but it gets you started for cheap.

Thanks all for the comments ..... will have a look at SpurtBot and see how far i get .... and allready going through the electric site all about circuts .... will post agin if i need some info 

That is a perfect example of the right attitude to bring to this community. Study and learn as best you can on your own, and come back with specific questions if needed.

Thanks for setting a good example.