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Simple Drifting robot

drifting_robot_program.bas1.99 KB

This is a small hack I made for a Make video.

The code is attached above :)

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this my freind is the best robot ever!  

thats awesome!  Normally robots move slow and boring- not this! 

can u upload pdf from of this robot?

thanking you.

FritzL has already put the program up for download. It is in a .bas form, which can be read in a text reader like notepad.exe if you do not yet have a copy of the Program Editor (a free download).


Can I .. What?

I enjoyed that a lot... yet another one to add to my list of robots I wanna make :)

Frits: which oscilloscope was that you were using? Is that the DSO Quad available on Seeedstudio.com? Or some funky app on your phone?


Thanks :)

It's the DSO Nano - first version - from Seed Studio. You can get it cheaper with the ALABTU code :)

I love it. This looks like a fun little project.


(Going to take a look at your code now.)

You made it to the front page of reddit.com tech page. Congrats sir!!!

Thanks :)