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Simple Drifting robot

drifting_robot_program.bas1.99 KB

This is a small hack I made for a Make video.

The code is attached above :)

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Nice episode, Frits!

Great video and Wow it responds very well and does a great job of doing it's thing. I love hacks and mods!
  • Totally worth the month of wait for a video!
  • To clarify, your pseudocode is to go forward/ turn right when there is nothing in front, and then drift left when an obstacle is in front? 
  • I have a robot that I made from a toy, and I found that it goes to fast, 10 km/h, How can I fix that, if I go too low with PWM, the robot won't always start moving from the stopped position. I think I should find a way to add more torque to my robot.
  • Thanks :)
  • The code is not pseudo - it's PICAXE, and real. That easy :) And I cannot clarify it better than showing you the code :)
  • Sounds like you need gearing: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/763

use a slightly higher pwm to start and then drop it down once the vehicle is moving.

Changing the PWM frequency may also help. Lower frequency means wider and longer pulses, which may help at low speeds. You may have to play with the frequency to tune to your motors.

I'll have to try that soon. Thanks.

I finally got the robot slow enough! I used 60ish % PWM and it was rolling smooth. Also, there was a 75millisecond coasting time. Thanks, you guys rock!

You made it to the front page of reddit.com tech page. Congrats sir!!!

Thanks :)