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WiiCamera Break Out Fail (Not my fault)

It seems that God is not without a sense of humor...

So, I had a bit of a run there for a while of producing boards which later became coasters. Bound and determined to not let that happen again, I set out to design my WiiCamera break out boards. I carefully layed out the circuit, breadboarded each and every part, and then designed a neat, simple PCB around the breadboard circuit.

The boards came in today, and I happily soldered one together using the crystal I had used during the mock-up. How pleased I was when it worked perfectly. I proceded to solder the other 5 units together and moved on to testing. Oh, how my spirit sunk as each one failed to spit out even one single byte of data...

In the end, it seems, the crystal I had done the mock-up with does not share a pin-out with the 20-or-so crystals I had bought to use during production --2 pins (gnd and output) are reversed. Or rather, those 2 pins are reversed on the one I used in the beginning. Thank God, I only ordered 6 boards and with new boards, the crystals I have on hand will work just fine. I have already done the fix, and sent off the Gerbers, but alas, I am now back to my usual routine of mailbox watching...


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An (ugly) fix is to mount your crystal "deadbug" and wire it with jumper wires. Unless you are going to order a few more of the crystal you used first so your current boards aren't trash.

Until you get the nice working boards, can you send me one of the faulty ones? I'd take my chanses to fix it and make it work. Thanks!

Shit happens, Chris!

I appreciate the kind words. Yup, OddBot you are right on both occasions. I did actually read the datasheet (for the "correct" crystal) my mistake was to assume that all parts that look the same, would be the same. --I dunno, live and learn I guess. In terms of finding a crystal that works with the boards, it is possible but from the massive amount of googling I have done, I could only find one supplier and the crystal runs about $8. The crystals I have on hand (the lot of 15 or 20 that I bought for production) are about 1/4 that price. The simple fact is that it is cheaper now and in the future to simply have the boards remade. They have been actually, and in a couple weeks, I will be back in the ballgame. I guess I have learned a little from past mistakes though...  I only ordered 6 for this first run. --Not 30.

Oh, and pin-swapping "jumper-style"? Of course it could be done but these are one's I am selling and they should kinda be right. Keep your eyes out though for the Chris the Carpenter Yard Sale (coming soon) --My incompetence could be your great deal on a board... I seem to be collecting a lot of "version one's" that only have one tiny problem each.


I've got to say that is one good looking board! Shame about the crystalL Which are btw the biggest crystals I have ever seen! Are you going to (or already did) make a post about this particular board? 

That you get when reverse components...

That lovely blue smoke...

But give thanks! Red Box sells "A blue smoke refiller"!



Chris. Technically, these aren't crystals, they are clocks. However, I have a number of these if you let me know what you need for the backwards boards, maybe you can salvage them.

Red Box actualy has something useful

A tutorial http://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/109

(Look at the bottom)

@Salvage, Thank you very much for the offer but no worries. I have made the fix to the boards (to match the bulk parts I already have on hand) and they should be here quite soon. And you are right, "clock" is a much better fit in that these guys have a whole circuit inside. I guess in the end, I did learn something --I only orders a few of these initial boards (to check for this kinda thing) before doing a big, bulk order. All is right in the world, I just should have known better than to assume that 2 parts that looked identical, were indeed identical.  :)


I know, I know, jumpers on the back. This ain't my first rodeo. Again, as stated above, these are for sale. One simply does not ship a product with this kind of issue. I appreciate it the suggestions but the new boards are on their way and all is good. Thanks.