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My Boe-Bot

Hi Everyone Here is my Boe-Bot.
It's a fun kit from Parallax that comes with a great book and bunch of parts. I knew absolutely nothing when I started and going through their lessons has taught me a lot.(well a lot more than I knew before) He has been configured to do most the basic stuff including:
Dead Reckoning
Drive Perfect Circles
Navigating with bumpers
Follow a Flashlight Beam
Navigate with Ir LEDs
Navigate with Ping

In the video he is navigating with Ir LEDs and receivers





UPDATE 10/19/2011:

Well sorry it took me forever to actually make this post. In response to ignoblegnome and Ro-Bot-x's comments I made a short clip using the same hardware setup but with frequency modulation. It could definitely a little smoother and more responsive but I hope this helps to show how useful these can be depending on how you program them. 





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I also started with the BOE-bot when I was a microcontroller/robot virgin. Hehe. Its really a great starter kit for an absolute beginner like me. Then also have a great support online and email whenever your stuck on something. I really enjoyed this kit but unfortunately other sensors or interfacing hardware are too expensive for a highschool budget(back when. hehe). Even the chip itself are a little on the expensive side when you decided to try to upgrade or improve your dear boebot. All-in-all, its a great gateway kit for robotics.