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Simple USB interface

Vendor's Description: 

 The simple USB interface from DAGU provides a simple solution to
programming projects built on a breadboard. By plugging into the breadboard
vertically very little space is taken up making it ideal for use with small
breadboards. This interface works with Arduino compatible processors.

1. VCC +5V from the USB cable (500mA maximum).
2. RST Used to reset a processor prior to uploading a program (DTR).
3. RXD Data in.
4. TXD Data out.
5. GND Ground pin (0V).

The CP2102 USB interface IC is used on this board. The latest drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux can be downloaded from here:
Once the drivers have been installed the USB interface will appear on your
computer as a virtual serial com port.


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Hey, OddBot. I would have liked if you had used 6 pins and made the pinout compatible with FTDI type cables. This would allow use the USB interface as a direct connection to devices that need an FTDI-like cable.

Obviously, a customer could create a custom cable from the 6-pin FTDI interface on the board they want to program to the 5-pin connector on your interface board. But it would have been nice to simply be able to slap a 6-pin female-female connector onto your board and then plug it into their project, using a standard USB cable to connect to the computer for programming.

When we originally made this board it was primarily for our Mini Bots kit and Mr. General. As I've had a number of such comments, rather than change a heap of PCBs I think we might have to produce a custom cable to go with it.