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Call for robot images for Maker Faire Postcard

Hi guys and girls!

Im in the process of making a nice postcard to bring to Maker Faire in NY in a few weeks to help spread the word about this awsome site and I need your help!

I have made a design (work-in-progress attached as PDF), that tries to show the diversity of the community and the idea is to have different robots in each box on the front page, and a list of the robot names on the back.

So, if you want your robot on this postcard, please send an image and the robots name to me at flummer@gmail.com or put it in a comment below. The size of the image needs to be at least 300x300 pixels and it will be cropped to a square, if it isn't already.

There are a total of 40 squares and you are welcome to send me multiple robots, but I'll try to use robots from more people rather than a lot from the same guy.

When done, I'll release both the print ready pdf and the design files under CC-BY-SA so that you can print your own, or modify it to fit your needs (eg. put all your own robots in there ;-)).


Update September 27th, 2011:

I can't get the upload feature here on the site to work, so I've uploaded the files to my server, with direct links below:

Have fun with it, print your own, make variations, but please let us all know when you do. I'm sure we will all love to see what comes out of this!


Thanks for all your help!


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I like your design concept. So many great robots at LMR. What a fun way to showcase them!

So submit pics of your bots, or suggest someone else's bot that you think is really awesome.

imo these 2 should definetly go on the postcard:

-steampunk bot:

-little drummer bot:

Υοu forgot to mention Lets Talk Robots on the back of the postcard ...

You are right, I'll make sure to add that!

Thanks for the images so far, but there is still lot's of space, so keep them comming!

Mine are not much to look at

but your welcome to use them.


What a cool Idea! People from everywhere arround the world showing their robots to the rest of the people on this planet. though a postcard. well this is my picture (@ thomas, I sent you a bigger version by mail.)

the more LMRians.. the better :-D

*It's a little challenge to take a picture on a cold dark rainy day..


I also think This robot by Lumi deserves a place on the postcard:

All LMR are belong to us!

Awesome looking robot, Dannyv!

I have to check that one again.

Also, way cool recommendation for Lumi's robot! I second that!

Hi everybody!

And thanks for all the images, I hope I haven't forgotten any.

The postcard is now done and send off to be printed. I'll get a few hundred in a few days, just in time to bring with me for Maker Faire.

I have tried to attach the updated file, but the site is not playing ball with me at the moment. I'll try later, or upload it to my own server and post a link to it (the print ready PDF so that you can print your own, but also the source files if you want to modify it).

Hope to see you all at Maker Faire!


Great news! Thanks again for doing this, Thomas.

Thanks also to everyone who sent pictures!

All LMR Are Belong To Us!