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6 legs hexapod

hexapod_digi01_6legs_7.JPG233.12 KB
hexapod_digi01_6legs_10.JPG239.82 KB
hexapod_digi01_6legs_12.JPG184.3 KB
hexapod_digi01_6legs_31.JPG181.01 KB

ok guys,this is my first try to make a hexapod bot.I design the body myself,by the stuffs around me.the control method was refer to a classic beam hexapod. 
the motor driver was made by 18 pcs solid,3 H-bridge.


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of your walker. When you get the chance.

I second that. It looks very sleek. Would love to see it in action.

It seems to me that you are using regular geared motors instead of servos. Can you elaborate on how this will work? Du you use encoders or some sort of end stop sensor?
Or is the plan to use some sort of timing on the motors?

But, the link he posted at the end of his post actually shows the circuit he will be using, and, from what little I could follow of the schematic I do understand that when the central motor rotates and raises a pair of legs the motor connected to those legs will rotate. The cycle will continue just as it does for the uC controlled hexapods that have been constructed here. As there are bump switches in the diagram the hexapod should even manage obstacle avoidance.

three gear motor was controled by nervous system.there are 3 cycle in the bot to make the gaits.

I have not use the bump switch.because the senser input of this core is low level available.I use a ping senser with level output.

I will do another,servo based hexapod bot in the futher.


Hey Digi,

I have made a PCB of this circuit for my hexapod project a few years ago.  I have plenty extra if you would like a few.   The PCB has the option of adding a 2nd power source for the motors' so it is possible to make a large bot using a 12v power supply. Also, the 6 tranistor H-bridge is built in:

I can see that the center motor handles lifting the feet from the floor. But the motor that moves the feet forward needs to be reversed in the next step to get back to its start position.
It might be only me that doesn’t see how this will work.
Looking forward to see a video. That will probably make more sense to me.

Indeed is hard to understand how his bots works, I don't get it either since not much information to show how it works. However, I do believe if you ever seen one of those ZOIDS toy works. He probably using some of similier technics to move the bot.

Really love to see more detail of digi01's work. I am still waiting to see your sneak working. As always, your bot are so neat and clean.