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CANBOT- Smallest Robot figure made from SODA CAN

A handmade robot from soda can with a vintage robot appearance. The size of the Canbot measures only 3.5 cm tall.

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Awesome, If I have some spare time, I really need to make a few of these :)

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Of all the spam we get in here this is just about the most bizarre!

Well.. it IS "robot-related", and you did after all just post one topic, and in the right forum, sort of.. So If you can justify that your prouct is not made in sweatshops, I will let it live as a free ad in here.

You say it is handmade.. Who is making them?

lol, i didn't even realize it was spam.. i haven't seen the author is "canbot" .

well anyway they're cute.. :)

wow super cute :P