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Small motor controller/driver with variable speed

Hello, i'd like to have some small driver/controller like the L293D or similar, but that can run motors at variable speed. Does it exists ? A small and cheap board would be ok.

If it doesn't, how could it be built ?


Thanks :P

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You can use the chip you have. Just drive the enable pin with PWM (really fast on and off). If your enable is on 50% of the time, the motor will turn about 50% the speed of when enable is always on (which is what you have right now).


uhm really ?

i'm a bit confused.. i thought that for making them run slower than the nominal speed you have to give less voltage. How does pwm works ?

uhm grazie :)

i completely missed all that part about PWM.. That's the problem of learning by yourself :) So i can now build my own motor controller, great