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Mini Bots robot kit

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DAGU products support site: https://sites.google.com/site/daguproducts/


Mini Bots is a complete robot kit with everything required to build, program and control your robots. The kit contains parts and instructions to build one of two completely different robot designs.


  • No soldering required - all PCB's factory tested.
  • Arduino compatible mainboard with ATmega8A MCU (upgradeable to ATmega168 or ATmega328).
  • Detachable, breadboard compatible, USB interface and programming cable.
  • IR compound eye allows the robot to track and follow moving objects.
  • Communications PCB with IR transmitter/receiver, Speaker and programming socket.
  • Universal remote control. Can also control many brands of home entertainment devices.
  • 4x miniature servos.
  • Laser cut plastic parts for Hexapod.
  • Silicone rubber feet.
  • Screwdriver and spanner.
  • Sample code for both designs.

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Thanks for any body who try to help, actually i already have try to use Arduino 0022 and also change port ..unfortunately still can't upload, and i want know how i can check the USB interface its work?, because until now its work with old program (after i change from Hexapod to Biped) but cant upload new one.

Unfortunately I only use Windows so I am not sure if this error is due to your computer software or the robot hardware. The only suggestion I have is that you try re-burning the bootloader. The bootloader on an Arduino can be corrupted if the battery voltage falls too low.

I have written a tutorial here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/35649 that shows how to use an Arduino controller as a programmer to burn the bootloader (or bypass the bootloader) on another Arduino board.


ok thanks Mr.OddBot, i will try what you suggested but i have other question!

-I try to upload the program using  arduino Uno with the Atmega8a-pu! but also pending.

-I try to upload the program using  arduino Uno with the ATmega328 its work but!! when i put ATmega328 with Biped can't upload.

i know it's letpit it's confused but i just want share with you.

Selecting an Arduino Uno is a guaranteed fail because the board is an NG or older w/ ATmega8. Completely different MCU!

I assume you are using the DAGU USB interface to program the robot so you need to have the right USB driver.


Make sure it's plugged in the right way...


Thanks Mr OddBot, i still trying but after i install the VCP Driver still same problem and it automatically choose the second port and when i change it will be error.

And I want ask you what will happen if i put interface plugged in the wrong way?


I already try but i got error

Asking Google about the error you get "Serial port already in use' I found this answer:


I can't load the sketch for the mini biped and just states pending :(


The problem is you are using Arduino 1.05. If you look in the manual, Arduino 0022 is used. Newer versions of Arduino are not backward compatible.

Thank you for reply , but still can't upload..