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My Mr General is acting odd

I just got my Mr General put togehter,  but he not working right.

please watch this video and give me any advice on how i might be able to fix him.


here my wireing


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the glass top of your table is reflecting the IR signals . try putting a tube or some heat shrink on the Ir to reduce there view angle or try alining up more im amusing you have put it to gather right but before you do that try it on some other surface see what happens 

:) good luck 

just testet it on flat wood top desk, and on black sheet.  there was no change in how it acts. 

code for the right motor is reverse of what it should be. If it is servo powered, then the left side may be 75 - 225 (reverse - forward) and the right should then be 225 - 75 (reverse - forward).

I am confused, what are you saying?

the code that drives the motor on 1 side is  backwards

but that will just help it drive forward or backwards.  What about it tilt and pan for it front ir senors?

dubble check everything

do you think i need a crystal oscillator?

i am useing a TXC 16.OUK2D right now

i went ahead and rewired my mr gen to this http://letsmakerobots.com/files/userpics/u1533/Mr_General_ATmega8A_Wiiring_Instructions.jpg

I notice before i had forgot to put ground on pin 22 and VCC to pin 7.

now the robot will sit for a good 20 seconds when i turn it on,  then start doing the same thing that my video shows.


I also want to add i never uploaded or messed with any code.  I was told my chip was pre loaded.

here a image of my wireing http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1475293/IMGA0020.JPG


i think your missing a wire from J12 to the pin 5 off the chip