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My Mr General is acting odd

I just got my Mr General put togehter,  but he not working right.

please watch this video and give me any advice on how i might be able to fix him.


here my wireing


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It is not often that people including myself have the forsight to set up a camera and film the construction of their robot.

I am glad you stuck with it and finally suceeded, I hope you have a lot of fun with your new robot and will make more in the future.

Lets check what we have. Please correct me if I'm wrong about your processor.

You have a Mr. General Kit that has been supplied with a Pololu USB adaptor and an ATmega328? The software you have was written for the 328's little brother the ATmega8. The main difference is memory size.

If your using Arduino 0022 and the ATmega328 then you can remove the reference to the Tone library at the start. Arduino 0022 has the Tone library built in. The code you currently have was supposed to work with a modified library for the ATmega8 which is what DAGU now supplies with the Mr. General Kits.

I looked at your latest photo and you have not used the DTR pin for reset. Instead you have tried to connect the CP2102 reset pin to the processors reset pin!

I got the new eye peice,  it installed and working good.

I can not get my robot to take any new program.

When I tell it to upload it just sits saying uploading to I/O Board...  It been saying that for 8 hours now.

If i swich tx and rx it will just say it out of sync. 

Possible causes:

  • Flat batteries
  • Forgot to remove wires when uploading
  • loose wire on breadboard
  • Wrong serial port / board selected in the Arduino IDE
  • faulty USB cable / not plugged in properly



my bread border metal lines started to pop out,  it fixed now and i am now able to upload new programming. 


thank you

it is done and working, 

the programming just needs tweaking now,  and that lucky i do know how to do.

Click the link below to see the video i put together



Again thank you again for all your help.

Whar board choice do you use or i need to use?

I can not seem to get any of them to work now.


here what I have


USB01B Pololu

I have tried the DTR pin,  I have gone back and forth from that to the RTS

here the error when I am hooked up to the DTR



good news,  I got the USB to ser to work on my windos 7 desktop

just siwhced RX and TX,  the robot made a lil tune.. now it just buzzing kinda..

now it doing new things...