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Driving motors not working

I got my Picaxe kit in today and i was hooking everything up when i tried to get it to drive though, the motors were not working.

I put in High 5 and low 4 and high 7 and low 6 in my programmer but the wheels did not even move one inch HELP! :P

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in the board and in the correct orientation?

Please add pics. Seeing the wiring and orientation of chips and such will save a lot of superfluous typing.

"Superfluous"  --Nice work, JAX.

most motor driver chips also have 2 enable pins . so each motor there are 3 pins forward ,backwards and enable the enable needs to be high .i am making an assumption on the way you bot works ,not knowing  this kit im totally guessing

its the starter kit but yeah ill try to get some picks


a link to the kit would be nice