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DFRobotics shipping

Hey guys!


I have some questions about DFRobotics. They seem to be pretty cheap, if I want to buy some XBee related stuff from them (buying them in Germany will cost me more, I don't care if they sell clones).


Now my question is, does anybody know how much shipping to Europe costs via DHL? I know they're shipping from China thats why it might be pretty expensive and I don't want to order and save about 50$ on parts and invest these 50 bucks into shipping cost.


My second question is, could I establish a nice communication between my laptop and my Arduino Uno with these parts:

Xbee shield

Xbee USB adapter

2x "Arduino Wireless programming Module"

Is this wireless programming module any good or should I buy the original Xbee modules instead?



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Does anybody know if the Wireless programming mudule by DFRobot is any good?

Thanks for the answer!

Yes I discovered DFRrobotics via the cupon codes down at the bottom of the start page.

While completing the checkout process, DFRobot will calculate the shipping cost for you. Cost is based on (the weight) of what you buy. I just tested: a very small package costs $18 by DHL or $5 by HKBRAM (probably just airmail).

BTW, makes sure to use our coupon code and get a 5% discount. See front page (way at the bottom).