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MICBot Autonomous Robot Obstacle Deviance

Autonomous Robot Obstacle Deviance via ultrasound

MICBot is an autonomous robot for obstacles detection and deviance and goes around, it works indoor or outdoor.

Therefore, this solution uses the ultrasonic sensor as a measure of distance and enables it to control the direction.

The movement of the car is made independently and randomly, so the car can move in the same location with multiple paths all different.

The detection of objects is also achieved through the pairs of switches (front of the car) and buttons (back of the car), and in this way, obstacles sizes smaller than, or very thin, our vehicle are detected. The ultrasonic sensor can send a pulse of short duration (10μS) through pin sender, the receiver is waiting for the echo reading, a pulse width proportional to the distance where the object is. Therefore, the distance is obtained and calculated by the microcontroller.

The servomotors used are continuous rotation servos Hitec HSR-1425CR. HSR-1425CR are recommend for projects for mobile robots, this includes an adjustable potentiometer to center the servo and can be controlled directly by the microcontroller by sending impulses through different if you want to run or stop the engine.

FOr more informations, visit my site: http://sites.google.com/site/mickaelarea/




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here is more fotos of MICBot.

I prefer to use or re-use material that I have in my garage to buy some commercial Robot Frames.

I have to tell, that I have to put an other movie, because in this one MICBot was not at 100%.

But iIt is now.

Front Side of MICBotTop of MICBotback Side of MICBot


ServoSFR05 ultrasound