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Program freezed after Wire.endTransmission();

Has anyone ever seen this problem when using WIRE library? Recently I am trying MP3 player, RTC and other device with strange issue and it all points to when I use wire library the process halt right after the line "Wire.endTransmission();"

For example:

  char len = 0;
  len = strlen(cmd);
  Serial.println("Still able to see this line...");
  Wire.endTransmission();    // stop transmitting
  Serial.println("Never gets here...");

Any clue??

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endTransmission() will send all unsent data before closing so if there is a send error (slave not responding, bus error, ...) it may freeze with current version of the wire library.

Check this thread.

What does endTransmission() actually do?

Im not really a programmer. I think it stop transmitting action in Wire library and keep excute the next line but in my case it freezed at this line.