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Dremel cutting and engraving :P

So i finally purchased my dremel, and made some tests of both cutting and engraving. I havent used cutting disks yet, only the cutting tip.

The first thing i have to say is: man that thing is dangerous :) Use some safety goggles if you have to use it! The second thing is that it takes a while to get hand with it. At first it just keeps going crazy and shooting particles of stuff around, with a particular aim for your eyes and face :P After some test i managed to make an almost straight line, and then i had some fun engraving stuff :P

Here's some results.. The edges that are perfectly straight are the original ones, the others are the one i made.

Sorry for poor quality, but it's not easy to take picture of a transparent thing :P




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Anyone fancy making an XY table for a dremel? I made one for my Minicraft drill to use it as an engraver. I could never supply the steppers with enough current...


yeah this is awsome.. show us some results!

There were no tangible results. My stepper driver didn't provide the 1A per coil needed. I may ressurect it with the new knowledge I now have, but the milling mahcine was dismantled about 3 years ago.

THIS is a video of me testing an endstop switch. It looks like it's travelling pretty fast, huh? That's because I was driving it with an electric drill at this point - not the weaker steppers.

Hey that's pretty cool.  Looks like excellent craftsmanship.  The only thing holding it back was current?
I also have a drummel and its great. I ask my gf to buy it for me for my birthday lol.  YOu can cut, drill, carve, polish, sand. Mine is cordless little thing and I love it.