Let's Make Robots!

the smack-into-walls-a-lot


this is my first robot, it isn't that complacated. two switches, a on off and on switch some wires bateries and thats all. the switch on top is the on off and on switch, the stick is the "sensor" there is a hole in the stick so when it hits a wall it hits the switch and reverses the diretion.

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Briliant idea for reversing directon

You may call it

"Mr CrashAlot Bot"

Simple, but funny. Is it fun to watch smack into walls? Worth a video?

after this one im trying to think of a way i could make it go out doors

im loading a video in a few minuts, then you can se it smash into walls.

It's a mobile most useless machine. :D

I mean no disrespect. It just kind of reminds me of the way one of those boxes sort of works.

thats cool, has a good ring to it to, the mobile most useless machine

I like it. Simple, but it does a good job at what it's supposed to do! :P

That’s a great ’robot’ based on limited resources.
For your next project you might consider the BeetleBot http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Build-a-Robot---The-BeetleBot/

i'll try ading those bumpers, thanks

not bad for a first robot.. you should have seen mines.. lol

Idea 1: find a way so it go's also a bit sideways and let it clean your floor. or make a snow shovel robot.

Idea 2: put a lot of of glas bottles in a circle with the robot in the middle and enjoy =D

Idea 3 : complete different approach, some more complicated: add a spring so the switch returns to position directly. then that switch turns on a relais (with a huge capacitor over it) so it stay on for a few seconds and falls off. next, that relais reverses direction AND power its steering.