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USB Type "A" to USB Type "B" ....... Adaptor

Adaptor for extending USB cables

Is your USB cable to short..............

..... then look no further here is the ideal solution.... using your printer cable (as they tend to be extra long).

      I have always been jealous of the extra long Printer lead i have (circa 3 meters)  , however it will only plug into my printer because it sports a fat square USB type "B" connector.

So i made an adaptor to solve the shortage..........

      I recycled a USB Type "A" out of an old motherboard (dual and triple stacks would also be a good idea)









and USB Type "B" from a dead printer.











Its just a simple case of connecting pin1 to pin1 , pin2 to pin2 etcetcetc

I soldered the USB metal cases back to back and bent pins close enough to solder.....

In action with my USB stick ...... with extra long printer cable.....

.....and Yes that is Green Glow Polymorph - so i can find it in the dark....

Also means now i can throw my RBBB propeller GPS out the window for development....Ahhh Blue Skies await...


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Gareth + a need = Polymorph solution :P

I feel very "insulated" by that remark :-)

........ yes the truth is I use polymorph as an electrical "insulator" - too often my circuits short themselves, PM does a good job of keeping the sparks at bay.

Where do you get your polymorph?

Dagu sells it to many online distributors. If you can't find a distributor then you can buy directly from DAGU.

Can you imagine i am still using the same box i bought off you....errrrr 2 years ago....... even though my son and his friend depletes my cache.....

Polymorph grows in the box if you harvest it correctly.........confirmed....... ;-)

...... what i am trying to say is Polymorph goes a long way - as any mistake can be throw into the box for further use.......

..... so it is a cost effective medium ...... as projects anyways have a limited life span (shorter than shelf life of PM)

Nice idea, I needed a long cable recently but the local shops only sold 1.5m. All the good stuff gets sold overseas!

I use a cable similar to these for those far away usb devices (green glowing polymorph not included).

I had to laugh at one of the comments off your link (thanks btw)

Qoute :-

"I haven't any cons for this USB 2.0 cable, it is really god.
The only thing that I can think is about the color, if it was black it will be perfect."

For those of you that don’t have salvaged plugs like these lying around (and can wait 2-3 weeks). Might just do like I did and get a premade from eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-Type-Female-USB-Type-B-Female-Adapter-/290575272953?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43a7a2cbf9

Great stuff Gareth, I always enjoy your posts.

You know better than "i" Geir , when you pick up something that "you" have made ..... it just melts in your hand .... unless you use Sugru that is ;-)