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TLP907 (Reflective IR Optocoupler)

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Vendor's Description: 

Many of you hip members seem to be using QRD1114 and CNY70 IR optocouplers for your fancy designer line-follower circuits. Well, as it turns out, I can´t seem to find those in my corner of the world. However, someone, somewhere offered me a sensor that sort of looks like them, but is not quite the same animal. It is called: TLP907.

According to the datasheet (that you can find attached), it was designed for:

  • Detection of start and end marks on video and audio tape.
  • Detection of VCR reel rotation.
  • Detection of index write protect and presence of disk for floppy disk drive.
  • Timing detection in electronic printers and typewriters.
  • ...and reading of camera film information (DX code).

If you compare them to the QRD and CNY versions, there are basically two differences:

  1. Size: These ones are tiny 2.6x3.4x1.5mm. TINY. The competition is at least 3 times bigger.
  2. Range: These are a lot more shortsighted that the others: Optimum range is between 0.5 and 1.5mm.

This very short range is probably too close for most uses (considering the tolerances we use in hobby robotics), and may very well be the reason why most will dismiss them. However I´ve grown fond of these tiny bastards. So much so, that I am building a new version of my line follower board to incorporate them.

This is a great find, and I´m sure many of you can incorporate them into your designs, specially because they are so tiny and easy to conceal. Hope this helps.