Let's Make Robots!

lmr theme song that fritz likes (aka node 9200)

here, you happy?

There are two other versions of the song here.

lmr.mp3212.77 KB

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Best song ever!
I think I love this because it reminds me of an old hero, Super Greg

That guy only has one eyebrow! No, wait a minute. There are two, but one of them is below his nose.

What an icon.

NB - I went and looked him up on YouTube, which led me to a Ali-G's interview with Michael Parkinson. One of the few clips of Ali-G I'd not seen before.

It's called an unibrow :D

Edit: (Oh, you had "Monobrow" in your subject, did not see ;)

Super Greg! Number One!

Super Greg! Number One!


i suck at this

That's a good one. It reminds me of an Open University maths lecturer on BBC2 at about 2.30 am.

That's how to sell robots.

no i mean i suck at the node thing
No attachment!