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Path Following robot - laksha

Follows a black road with the help of path identifiers in this case-- white strips

Materials required ..


Give me time to list it even I forgot to make a list and brought the part as they were needed. 

And I have some what became insomniac.

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Good one! What board you are using?

Its a custom made board using Atmega8, 

Nice !

Very nice. I like a robot that can read between the lines.

Aww i know its not very good. bt thanks

Seems to work fine, and does what you programmed it to do.


Its not a big thinng,

I just take the values form the IR sensors to Tell the robo where it is,

And the main thing that it walks because of the white strips rather then that of black road.

LOL GOOD Boy Btw that is a really nice bot you got there