Let's Make Robots!

Back after a long time, motor moving

Well, I disappared for a long time there.  I moved to Austin and started a new job :)  Oh, and I had to learn to solder to get the motor drive set up with the breadboard pins.  My girl got me a gret Edsyn soldering setup and a solarbot light following mouse to practice on and now I'm all solderiffic :)

Then I had a wonderful time setting up a 12v source for the VMOT connection on the A4983 stepper control board, splicing it out of an ethernet cable comign from Ubuiquiti's passive POE injector (there's got to be a better way).  Connecting all that up does make the motor turn, huzzah.  Hooking the DIR pin to GND makes it reverse direction.  Double hazzah.

So the next challenge, for another day, is to control the stepping distance via the GPIO interface and OpenWRT. That's assuming the data lines in the ethernet cable still work!

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Welcome back, apparently with newly learned skills. 'Grats!

Looking forward to seeing some more of your work.