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Pololu Orangutan X2

Hi all,

 I want to build a small robot, and wan to ask you if anyone have ever used the Orangutan x2 controller http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/720 I see that lots of people are using the PIC controllers, but I don't wanna use these, they require windows and expensive compilers. I'd rather work with linux and program in C/C++

If anyone have used it before, is the orangutan easy to use? can i connect a camera to it without many troubles?

 Also can you suggest a cheap camera that I could use with my robot? 


Thanks a lot

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What I'm saying is that that's overkill.  The Arduino or Picaxe would do everything he wants/needs to do.

Interfacing a camera to any microcontroller is tough. About the only option is the AVRcam or one of the CMUcams, these do onboard processing and then output object data to a serial port. AVRcam and original CMUcam are each about $10l0. I believe the CMUcam2 is about $160, and the CMUCam3 runs upwards of $250.

The nice part about the AVRcam is that it is open-source and uses, you guessed it, an AVR microcontroller (note that there is a reason to put together an AVRcam rather than just slap the camera module on your orangutan, the camera interfacing eats up all of the processing of the AVR to do this, and has quite a few nice hacks and tricks to still run right...). 

Only other issue I can see with the X2, is that it is an ATmega644, which I believe only has one serial port! Thus, if you connect an AVRcam, you will have to do software-serial for any X2-to-PC communications.